Extra Activities

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The deteriorating environment is one of the gravest dangers humanity is looking at in the near future. Planting more trees is one way to counter the above problem. We at Indus Valley School of Learning Pre-Kindergarten to Grade VIII involve the children in environment friendly activities to teach them to play a part in making the environment cleaner. Each year our children plant more than one hundred trees during the Tree Plantation Campaign.


There are regular study and field trips arranged by the school. The children are taken to places such as museums, zoos, parks, railway stations, libraries etc. rather than to fast food restaurants because we want these experiences to be enjoyable and meaningful at the same time.


Children play sports on a daily basis. We have a highly experienced sports coach who belongs to the family of the Pakistani Squash legend, Jehangir Khan.


School functions are organized on a regular basis. Such events besides creating awareness, give children confidence to appear before a big crowd. Every child participates in these events.