I believe that a teacher holds a somewhat mystical influence over the children. Many a times we have heard a child say, “This is how it is because my teacher says so.” It is hard for a parent to make her/him believe otherwise. You can imagine the extent of a teacher’s jurisdiction. The future is in the hands of the teachers. How they direct the children today will determine our nation’s tomorrow.

Unfortunately we are living in a society which is riddled with a multitude of problems. We have to deal with these problems and what better way than to begin with a child. The change that we are looking forward to, can and will only come through the schools of our country. Therefore, it is imperative to revise the existing curriculums to cater for today’s needs.

At Indus Valley School of Learning Pre-Kindergarten to Grade VIII, we have made an effort to design a curriculum which by and large focuses on the character building of the children. We have tried to keep our main focus on the self growth of children and providing them with a favourable environment to help them grow into unique and thinking human beings. It is gratifying and encouraging seeing children thinking on various issues such as environment, animal rights etc. It also gives us the feeling that we are on the right path. May God help and give us the courage to keep following it.