Indus Valley School of Learning Pre-Kindergarten to Grade VIII
Indus Valley School of Learning Pre-Kindergarten to Grade VIII, established on August 31, 2004, is an integrated system of education. Each child in grades Pre-kindergarten and Kindergarten is given individualized instruction, as we believe in letting the children grow and gain knowledge at their own pace. Pushing the children or holding them back is against the policy of the school. Children are given freedom to work on materials and activities of their own choice. From Preparatory onwards, a partially individualized approach is followed and children are also given instruction collectively. They are encouraged to acquire information independently and thus forming the basis of investigative minds. Carefully chosen topics are aimed at the development of children as a whole. They grow academically, emotionally, and socially in an environment which gives them enough space to do so.


With the continued cooperation of the parents and our efforts, we keep striving to attain and and maintain high standards of education at Indus Valley School of Learning Pre-Kindergarten to Grade VIII. Hence, we keep looking for guidance from the local based teacher training centers as well as the international research based organizations. One such organization is USA based research organization NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children). Its job is to provide educators with the guidelines and standards by which to run schools. Recently a statement has been published by NAEYC suggesting the following 8 points to look for in a quality Pre-school or an Early Education Center.
We endeavour to inculcate in children good values such as honesty, determination,
courage, integrity, respect and understanding for individual differences.

"It is not a school we have been prompted to write for, but an effort to lay a strong foundation of our future, something schools are supposed and meant to do but unfortunately not doing so. Like all parents searching for the right school for our child, we also went around the block and decided upon Indus Valley School of Learning Pre-Kindergarten to Grade VIII for it seemed to stand out on paper, and once Ibrahim started going there we began to see what we wished to see in a school. Education with a difference, clarity, focus, built on innovative ideas, providing confidence and courage to explore the unknown. How do they do that, well, I am sure you must be wondering;


They let the kids be kids!”

Mrs. and Mr. Waheed Bhatti

0300 5552332


  • In context to the theme Childrens Rights, children of Indus Valley School of Learning Pre-Kindergarten to Grade VIII collected Rs. 55450/-    and arranged a trip to the F-9 park for the children of Rahe Amal ( a school for the underprivileged 051 5471507 ). The visit to the park was followed by sports matches between   the two schools. They then had a meal at the McDonalds.

  • Children of grades 1 & 2 made us all proud this year. They visited the offices of the WWF (World Wild Life Federation ) and gave a presentation to Mr. Ijaz Ahmad, Deputy Director General, WWF to save the Indus River Dolphin. The presentation was