Many events took place during the academic year 2007 – 2008. The main emphasis this year was on saving the Earth and its environment.

  • Children held a demonstration in the green belt along Westridge 1 and Peshawar Road to create awareness amongst people of the importance of preserving the green areas in the city. This was reported by the “The News” in the next day’s paper.
  • Earth Day was celebrated on April 22 along the other countries of the world.
  • Such events, besides creating awareness, give children confidence to appear before a big crowd. Each and every child participated in these events.


    Many eminent personalities were invited last year to hold discussions with the children. Among them were;




    Our children performed brilliantly in the Final Assessments. External examiners were invited to test our children on their reading and computer skills.

  • All the children of Prep read with comprehension, materials written both in English and in Urdu designed to be read by Grade 1 children at other schools. Similarly they all scored an A+ in Computers.

  • Grade 1 children could easily read and comprehend materials written in English designed for Grade 3 and they could all read Urdu materials designed for Grade 2.

  • None of them scored below an A in Computers.

  •   Brig. Mohammad Ashraf

  •   Mrs. Mehr Angaiz Saeed ( an active participant of the Pakistan Movement )

  •   Mr. Mushtaq Khan Khakwani ( an expert on environment )

  • These sessions were extremely interesting and fruitful.




    Despite the sad circumstances prevailing in the country during the year, we managed to arrange a few field trips for the children. The children were taken to;

    •   Faisal Mosque

    •   Lalkurti Cathedral

    •   The Snake Pit at the Ayub Park

    •   Pepsi Jungle Kingdom and

    •   A beautiful village near Fateh Jang