“This term a lot of attention is being paid to reading and recognition of key words. Zoha’s progress amazes me. She is well settled in the school environment, bright, and chirpy while getting up in the morning. I am most satisfied. Thank you! Chaand Nagar.”

Mrs. and Mr. Asim Banday

0300 5013539

“An excellent institution, staffed with most admirable teaching staff, blessed with extreme commitment and patience; attributes so critical for forming the basics of understanding the psychology of each student. Well done! Keep it up, Chaand Nagar.”

“Chaand Nagar is the school for my granddaughter Noor Fatimah. The school I must say is one of the best of its kind, ably led by its Principal, Ms Yasmin. The child is so fond of the school and its Principal that we have no other option but to continue sending her to this wonderful school and for this she has to commute from D.H.A. to Westridge.”

Lt. Gen. S. A. Ahad Najmi

0333 5644450

“My family has come from abroad a few months ago. My son has shown big improvement in all subjects in a few months time. The methods and techniques used to teach at Chaand Nagar are of international standards. I cannot think of putting my son at any other school as he has made many friends here also.”

Mrs. and Mr. Junaid Rafi Chaudary

0300 9198123 & 0312 9198123


“The professional and dedicated approach of the staff makes it distinctive and specially the tireless efforts of the Principal in running and maintaining the standards of the school is worth mentioning.

Our daughter is getting more than enough of every kind of opportunity of learning, which we were promised of at the time of admission, which is a rare case in such commercialized environment.”

Mr. Salah uddin Azam

0345 5459950



“My daughter joined this school a few months back. Earlier, she was studying in Mirpur Mathalo, Sindh where I was posted. I shifted my family to Rawalpindi after getting information and knowing about the good repute of Chaand Nagar. Within a short span of two months, we noticed a significant change in our child’s behaviour, concepts, and personality. After seeing the healthy environment of the school, I requested the management for my posting to the head office of Fauji Fertilizer Company, Rawalpindi. Alhamdolillah the company transferred me to the head office and Chaand Nagar is now our daughter’s future.”

Rizwan Ahmad

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Fauji Fertilizer

0300 5264776